Wellness Center - Bolonia-2015

Written by Administrator
Thursday, 24 September 2015 12:43

The primary concern of our design is to articulate an interior space in order to obtain a continuous line in movement, an optical illusion that we owe to Francesco Borromini.

The coincidence of translucent planes in the form of walls turns the light coming from outside into the determinant factor for modeling the interior space, and creating an illusion of immensity. These same translucent walls provide the pleasure of soaking the interior with light, which expresses the relation between interior and exterior, while suggesting following the movement of the sunrays within them.

Given its open nature, the building is soaked in its totality by an aura of liberty; and the play of water over the undulating walls transmits a sensation of constant movement.

The act of incorporating water into architecture has been a constant in all great cultures and proves how profoundly rooted water is in human nature for the necessity of returning a state of equilibrium to the human body.

We would like to invoke the use of the word “Arete”(ἀρετή) to aid us in expressing leisure through the history of humankind in our final purpose of inspiring an intense sensation of vitality and joie de vivre.


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