Bangkok-Thailand-Fashion Hub

Written by Administrator
Monday, 20 April 2015 12:34

In the city of Bangkok, destined to occupy a plot in the Commercial City Center, close to the Pholen Chit Wan District and within the city center, we propose to build a Hub dedicated to Fashion creation.


Said Hub should contain everything that fosters creative activity, encouraging on the local as well as international scale.


A Hub that should contain all of the latest and most advanced technological developments, and is directed by a multidisciplinary humane and technological team.


Future trends that establish the strategies that facilitate new designs to undertake the great challenges and overcome the great obstacles present in this globalized and ferociously competitive world will be created in this Hub.


Because of the new places reached due to the emphasis on new design, it will reach a global scale.


This is why the new Hub, the Object, the Container should be able to stand out and distinguish itself in the place chosen for it.


The Scale and the Form of the volume will be the agents that facilitate its comprehension and that create a factory of ideas and designs.


The new building will be significant in height to aid its location and will define a characteristic layout of the façades. These two elements acting together will make the Hub visually recognizable amidst the other dominant profiles of the city.


It should become a new reference point in the urban context; a watchtower that manifests its utility and that preserves the purpose for which it was destined, to be the guardian of fashion.


Its hieratic attitude, meaning the structural metallic skin and the large continuous glass panels in different tonalities, reveals its condition of “Fashion Cathedral,” and bestows it a timeless and Avant-Garde character.


The floor plan of the building has been sensitive to the surrounding buildings and has tried to minimize its impact by developing a geometrically organic floor plan that adapts to the existing profiles.


Each building, each architectural piece comes from the consequence of a mix of forms and elements that alternate and comply with the conditions established by the program.


The form and beauty of a building come from the result of a relationship between the building and its purpose, just like between the requirements and the desire of a significant construction. A building is judged primarily for its functional value, and its aspect, be it impressive or pathetic, seems not to be of vital importance. It is important, however, to consider the ambiance and poetic enchantment that a building generates. An atmosphere expressed through its functionality and in compliance with its purpose, will always constitute a reference point for quality.