Red Square Tolerance Pavilion - Moscow:

Written by Administrator
Monday, 20 April 2015 12:32

Only the children, who when contemplating the world that surrounds them, can see with open eyes; and are excited with what is “new”

It is only them, who facing unbeknownst forms that present themselves unannounced, that observe with eagerness upon contemplating something for the first time, explore a new world in the unexpected. To be a child is to be what an adult is not, living in an exclusive universe that is characteristic of innocence, kindness, Tolerance.

Adults are those “large beings” that shape them to their own will, those “large beings” that due to their nonconformity mold and slowly veer their attention away from the essential, primary, vital, and authentic.

With this design, we hope to give substance to “that” which a child feels when “viewing” something unknown with innocent eyes. That serene, joyous, comfortable gaze upon forms, colors, aromas, sounds. It is our wish to represent this “gaze”. The cheerful surprise, the gratifying multicolored effect that stimulated the curiosity of the passer-by. A walk beneath chromatic parasols, awnings, and balloons placed upon a platform that embraces the Tolerance Pavilion.

A Pavilion whose form is given by an inflatable membrane structure. A mechanism that reminds us of a huge spring, an accordion in profile, friendly and in harmony, standing out and crowned by a huge inflatable structure that pretends to symbolize “Tolerance”.