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Friday, 17 October 2014 11:35

Occupy about half of a local on the ground floor, and being part of a residential building V. P.O. in command of the Institute Balearic of Housing, the study was selected to be part of a contest closed to the development and later realization, result to be the winner of the above mentioned call. 

The local geometrically adopts a first form of rectangle tablet coupled with another dimension clearly inferior é interconnected by an isthmus that tour to lift 90 degrees crowned in an outdoor terrace triangular that vent to east and to the south.
The center welcomes us in a hall oriented to the west and allows a glimpse through its wall oblique the start of his tour, receiving the light of lift that it was announced to the fund. The hall welcomes us laterally with the administrative area and at the front a door leads us to the staff. If we continue, a gentle ramp leads directly to a common area that defines the general distribution as well as designs the path to the area of ambulation. The corridor conveniently lighted and ventilated  allows us to reach without dramas to areas of  activities.

Geared to the west, those chambers could be interconnected forming a single piece itself so required by the management of the centre. Next to the second division and at the end of the aisle straight arrived at a small area of hopes that we open the door of the unit dedicated to recognition and cures. In the same point if you turn 90th on the left will see a sweet ramp that will guide us, leaving laterally, an access to services ( Bathrooms, warehouse, area garbage, etc. ) and leave us in the rest room, kitchen and dining. The kitchen is open to those boards that are interconnected forming a single space diaphanous being geared to lift and with a natural outlet to the outdoor terrace.
We believe  the location of those chambers is adequate and   the degree of comfort  the whole brings to the good behavior of the center revert in the desired care and attention of the patients who occupy.
Given the appropriate degree of isolation of such common area, we believe that the unpleasant possibility of transmission of odors and noise will gladly be controlled by its own location and location in plant.

It must be emphasized when we design these health centers  the importance of preserving the individuality of its users to the fullest extent possible seeking solutions both security as well as comfort.
In fact, studies about it, have shown us until that point the behavior of the affected is more relieved within the appropriate environment having special sensitivity in able to combine the life and the way of living, the degree of vitality obtained in this last phase of life and obtaining a well-deserved human dignity.



Authors of the draft

Alfonso Ruete              architect editor.

Juan Lluch                 arq. collaborator.

Antoni  Lluch       tec_arq. collaborator.

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