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Architectural Competition for an extension between the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland.

The multiple functions that arose in confronting the problem required a clear definition in response to the requirements we looked to reconcile. This precise definition needed to include and join the different uses; a final definition that, sculpted in a neutral and organic form that went further than the pure and strict form, would be chosen for being the most beautiful, the most functional, and the opposite of the trending topic.

It was transcendental to achieve prevalence, permanence, and timelessness; persevering to play down with the emergence of the new, the dialogue between two prominent volumes unaltered and reconciling the newly created reciprocity.

The new should avoid the accidental and instead search for the essential, the substantial, and the inherent. The relation concerning to and relative to its link was an unavoidable condition.
The adjacent and nearby is the real fact that defines the peculiar place to intervene, the exterior and interior in swaying motion. We profoundly desire to respect and preserve this singular settlement in which the transit, the wandering, the walking, the entrance and the exit converge on one stable movement, so that an interaction between architecture and surrounding can be formed.
<< That the new player intensifies the others and relates >>
A shell that covers and embraces and a platform that takes the body of the staircase will be the dorsal spine conceived to reestablish the desirable architectural combination that relates two levels, that envelopes, that includes, and ties.
A slender staircase of white beech that, as a variable element, incorporates and founds the changing conditions of life, making the internal existing relationship stable, that it passes on continuity, equilibrium, and that it causes a variable random use, and that it makes the prerequisites outlined in the brief flexible.
…The exterior reality, the acoustics, the aroma, the warmth, the sound, the generosity, the sight, the smoothness, the creek, the riverbed, the pond, the vegetation will be the arteries of the tangible and attractive…
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