Sunset Boulevard

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Donnerstag, den 24. September 2015 um 12:39 Uhr

On occasion the Bay of Biscay, a deep, dense and vigorous sea, and often unpredictable, calms down and awards us with a serene, smooth and gleaming surface.

The conjunction of a close shore and the shelter offered by a cove turn the place where they meet into a regular and tempered thin surface of sand, by soft concentric waves that conform the regular concave form of the bay apparent.

It is rare to see a blue color in the bay, as it is usually colored green by the hillsides that crown it, mixed with the golden yellow tones of its unique sand.

The Path that contemplates it wouldn’t have a greater importance were it not for the way it has of forming part of the privileged geography whose undeniable actor and protagonist is the sea. It would be a path like any other. The walk should dialogue with the specific urban requirements that the city demands.

The Ephemeral, that constant and intimate friend of Nature, which never ceases to amaze us, has a value of renovation, because it is not static, rather, it flows and maintains itself in constant movement. It doesn’t move “from the known to the known”, thus why all our desire longs to observe and penetrate into that “casual Order”.

Undoubtedly Domenech i Montaner are who best exemplify the principle motor of the constructions of “Stores”, revealers of the Ephemeral, of the so-called Envelat, or awning, heir of the Tuareg stores of the Sahara.

The climate and place to arrange for the new pavilion, although not advised to imitate this type of constructions, is suggested to keep its “Essence”. Its essence and its validity, from there we try to take advantage of materials from the immediate environment that best heighten its Ephemeral character.

-    Corridor  -  Transit  -  Living Space    -

A corridor that invites us to move within it, that protects us with its undulating wall and that covers and gives shelter from the harshness of the climate, and that at the same time moves our inner curiosity to go deep within it, revealing the “Living Space”.

-    Glass   -   Metal   -   Wood    -

These are the three materials we plan to use, essential elements that allow relating function and form to the architecture.

The structure of the Pavilion is articulated over the angled surface of a modular Plinth made of wood.

The concurrence of translucent walls make it possible for the light from outside to become the determining factor for modeling the interior space, creating the illusion of an immeasurable space. These same translucent walls that provide the pleasure of flooding the interior with light, express the relation between interior and exterior, and suggest us to follow them with the movement of the rays of the sun.

Given its open character, the Pavilion is soaked entirely in an aura of liberty and the play of light along with the reflections of the sea upon the curved walls, in the form of undulating screens, transmit the sensation of constant movement.

The fact that stated architectural field facilitates informational behavior and interrelations between all levels of Architecture will help to orient us.

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